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Twenty-five years ago, AIDS was unknown in sub-Saharan Africa. Today it's overwhelmingly the continent's biggest killer. In Hope in the Dark, photojournalist Jeremy Cowart documents the hope and pain of Africa's AIDS generation - a generation beset by poverty and fear, a generation in which children in some countries are more likely to die of AIDS than not. But despite the sickening odds, Cowart captures brief glimpses of beauty, optimism and joy as he makes his way across the continent. Through this collection of startling, remarkable images, his lens uncovers not just the magnitude of the problem, but also the places where God is undeniably present in the midst of it.

"Through Jeremy's Remarkable eye for beauty and Jena's equally descriptive words, Hope in the Dark allows us to visit the people of Africa, realize their strength, imagine ourselves in their struggles and wrestle with the realities of their world."
- Donald Miller (author, Blue Like Jazz)
"Jeremy Cowart and Jena Lee have brought an orphaned land and it's people into focus. This collection of stunning images and insightful descriptions offers a chance to be transformed by the collision of fragile humanity, breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures and the cruel and careless effects of poverty, all the while exposing the hope that outshines the dark. This book is full of beautiful, intelligent, creative people and their stories."
- Dan Haseltine (lead singer, Jars of Clay)
"The beauty of this book supercedes the stunning imagery and insightful commentary. My excitement travels with the thought that this piece might serve to move people to respond. Cowart's photographs provide the melody, Lee's words, the harmony. Their collaboration sings a song of a place and her people; the joy and the pain and, in effect, sheds light onto the sometimes-obtuse reality that Africa is a REAL place, with REAL people, living with REAL needs."
- Matt Wertz (musician)